1/72 F-14A Red Eagle Wingman

In Stock 1/72 F-14A Red Eagle Wingman

1/72 F-14A die-cast static scale model inspired from the Naval Fighter Weapons School, Miramar, 1986.


- 2 unique pilot figures with helmet deco

- canopy in open/close position

- landing gear in deployed (gear down) or "retracted" (gear up) in flight position via interchangeable cartridge parts

- variable sweep wings

- speed brakes in close/open positions

- interchangeable engine nozzles

- metal (brass) pitot tube

- special camera underbelly unit

- 2 glove vane pylons with 2 AIM-7 Sparrow & 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles

- deployable glove vanes

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