1/72 F-14 S Type KAI Stealth

In Stock 1/72 F-14 S Type KAI Stealth

From Shinsei Industries, the “Stealth” is one of only 2 new F-14 S-Type KAI (改)brought to service by UN Spacy. Code named “Stealth” due to its RAM (Radar-Absorbent Material) mk 2 paint scheme. RAM mk2 is iridium phosphate paint containing tiny spheres coated with carbonyl ferrite.

The “Stealth” also has a modified underbelly airframe which is externally fitted with the 3-barrel 55mm GU-11.

The GU-11 is the main ordnance in the variable fighter experimental program, VF-EX.

F-14 S-Type
Powerplant : Two 30,000 lb Shinsei Industries F125-GE-600 turbofans
Performance : Mach 3

Service Ceiling : 70,000 ft

Range : 4,653km 

Armament : 1x 55mm GU-11, 2x AIM-54X, 2x AIM9LX

The model is primarily made from die-cast metal with plastic parts accessories.

Features open & close canopy, variable swing wings, interchangeable engine nozzles, speed brakes in either open or closed positions, deployable arrestor hook, air intake covers, wheel chocks, landing gears in extended or retracted positions, 2 seated pilots and a range of ordnance.

Limited edition 1500 sets worldwide.

Complete your model in ‘flight display’ with our display stand sold separately (see CA72DB10 - Router-style Display Stand)

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